About Me

Welcome to Marco Schmitz Photography! – Who am I?

I am photographer and digital artist from Germany, now located and living in Barcelona. I started to be engaged with photography since I was a young fellow but after I was buying my first SLR camera in 2010 it became passion. When I decided to carry on with photography I did not exactly know where this journey would take me. I am always trying to capture magic moments to keep in memory, I love creating images that tell stories and photographing and working with people is the biggest win for me.

Over the years I developed as well interest for digital creation of pictures by means of Photoshop. The extraordinary combination between photography and digital image-processing, and the idea to have no limit. The spectrum of resulting pictures can lead to dark future visions, magic worlds or just funny pictures.


Photographer for Britac Shirts (Britac)

1st Place Online Contest “Abandonado”, October 2015 (Fomunity)

3rd Place Photo Contest “Festa Major de Gracia” Barcelona, October 2016 (Festa major Gracia)

1st Place Photo Contest “Festa Major de Gracia” Barcelona, October 2017 & November 2021 (Festa major Gracia)